We serve meals as takeouts after your telephone order.

During Christmas and Easter we prepare special offers of holiday dishes. We are famous for our delicious deserts which are really popular.


To place an order please contact us by mail or by telephone:

22 848 12 25


22 848 15 90



The prices of take-away dishes apply as in menu
– 15% of the price

Słodkości przygotowywane na wynos

    • Desserts takeouts

    • Fruit cake

      340,00 zl
    • Casis cake

      340,00 zl
    • Swiss roll with fruits

      187,00 zl
    • Fruits tart cake

      149,60 zl
    • Coffee and poppy cake

      340,00 zl
    • Black forest cake

      340,00 zl
    • Butterscotch fudge layer cake

      340,00 zl
    • Delicious nuts cake

      340,00 zl
    • Aromatic sour apple pie with vanilla sauce

      224,40 zl
    • Homemade cheesecake with chocolate sauce

      224,40 zl
    • Fluffy meringue cake with orange filling

      212,50 zl
    • Fluffy date cake with coffee filling

      212,50 zl
Karta dań

In the menu you'll find: cold and hot snacks, green salads, soups, poultry and meat dishes. Everyday we prepare the dishes from the fresh, highest quality ingredients.

Karta deserów

Our desserts are, above all else, delicious fluffy sponge and meringue cakes, fresh fruit desserts, homemade cheesecake according to traditional recipe, cider and delicious ice cream.

Karta napojów

We offer the finest champagne, exquisite wine, whiskey, cognac and Polish as well as foreign vodka. Hot and cold drinks.

Restauracja Polska Różana

Chocimska 7 Street

00-791 Warsaw

Opening hours:

every day from 12 p.m.

until the last guest leaves.

(we don't close earlier than 12 a.m.)


T 22 848 12 25

T/F 22 848 15 90


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