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Karta dań

In the menu you'll find: cold and hot snacks, green salads, soups, poultry and meat dishes. Everyday we prepare the dishes from the fresh, highest quality ingredients.

Karta deserów

Our desserts are, above all else, delicious fluffy sponge and meringue cakes, fresh fruit desserts, homemade cheesecake according to traditional recipe, cider and delicious ice cream.

Karta napojów

We offer the finest champagne, exquisite wine, whiskey, cognac and Polish as well as foreign vodka. Hot and cold drinks.

Karta napojów

Please get to know with our special lunch menu which consists of soup, main course and compote.

Cold Appetizers

    • Cold Appetizers

    • Tuna tartare

      Tuna tartare

      52,00 zł

      Tuna tartare with avocado covered with goat's cheese

    • Cold trotters

      Cold trotters

      33,00 zł

      Cold trotters with homemade marinates, vinegar and fresh grated horseradish

    • Beef tenderlion tatar

      Beef tenderlion tatar

      52,00 zł

      Beef tenderloin tatar served with yolk, capers, pickled cucumber, marinated mushrooms, onion and ciabatta toasts

    • Marinated herrings served in two ways

      Marinated herrings served in two ways

      32,00 zł

      Marinated herrings served in two ways:
      - on a slice of apple, marinated beetroot and pickled cucumber covered with creamy quilt
      - with olive and onion


Hot Appetizers

    • Hot Appetizers

    • Crispy potato-blinis with caviar and smoked salmon

      Crispy potato-blinis with caviar and smoked salmon

      58,00 zł

      Crispy potato-blinis with caviar and smoked salmon and for this chopped egg, chives, onions and sour cream

    • Dumplings with veal and mushroom filling

      Dumplings with veal and mushroom filling

      39,00 zł

      Homemade dumplings with veal and mushroom filling with crispy bacon

    • Crepes with crayfish

      Crepes with crayfish

      59,00 zł

      Crispy crepes stuffed with crayfish, tomato, sour cream, dill, with a touch of white wine served on tomato mousse

    • Shrimps in white wine

      Shrimps in white wine

      58,00 zł

      Shrimp stewed in white wine with tomatoes and garlic


Green Salads

    • Green Salads

    • Salad with asparagus

      45,00 zł

      Salad with asparagus, strawberries, rasberries, blueberries, raspberry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and raspberry vinaigrette

    • Salad with chorizo

      42,00 zł

      Green salads, with chorizo, tomatoes, stuffed peppers and vinaigrette with chili



    • Soups

    • Chicken broth with meat dumplings or homemade noodles

      Chicken broth with meat dumplings or homemade noodles

      24,00 zł /26,00 zł

      Chicken broth with meat dumplings or homemade noodles with carrot and fresh parsley

    • Young beet leaves soup

      Young beet leaves soup

      26,00 zł

      Young beet leaves soup with egg and mashed potatoes

    • Young cabbage soup

      25,00 zł

      Young cabbage soup with potatoed and dill

    • White vegetables cream

      White vegetables cream

      25,00 zł

      Smooth white vegetables cream soup with a creamy cloud


Main Dish for Vegetarian

    • Main Dish for Vegetarian

    • Tomato soup

      24,00 zł

      Tomato soup with noodles or rice

    • Zucchini linguine

      Zucchini linguine

      45,00 zł

      Zucchini and carrot linguine with sugar peas and chili

    • Asparagus

      39,00 zł

      White asparagus with breadcrumbs



    • Fishes

    • Catfish fillet

      Catfish fillet

      65,00 zł

      Catfish fillet on white onion sauce with green pepper sauce with blanched spinach with garlic and black lentils

    • Atlantic cod fillet

      Atlantic cod fillet

      69,00 zł

      Atlantic cod fillet with vegetables and lovage soup


Main dishes with meat

    • Main dishes with meat

    • Milk veal with gravy with gnocchi

      Milk veal with gravy with gnocchi

      59,00 zł

      Milk veal with gravy with gnocchi and steamed carrots

    • Lamb chops

      85,00 zł

      Lamb chops on the bone with wild rice and cherry tomatoes

    • Herb-marinated tenderloin

      Herb-marinated tenderloin

      84,00 zł

      Herb-marinated tenderloin served on wine and dried mushroom sauce and Silesian potato dumplings with cherry tomato, onion and balsamic sauce

    • Freshly baked farmhouse duck

      Freshly baked farmhouse duck

      65,00 zł

      Freshly baked duck served on apple and forest cranberry sauce with potatoes and fried apple



    • Desserts

    • Delicate meringue layer cake

      Delicate meringue layer cake

      27,00 zł

      Delicate meringue layer cake with orange almond cream and Cointreau liquer with strawberry mousse

    • Meringue layer cake of the day

      27,00 zł
    • Homemade cheesecake

      Homemade cheesecake

      25,00 zł

      Homemade cheesecake with chocolate sauce

    • Strawberries in sugar yolks

      Strawberries in sugar yolks

      32,00 zł

      Baked strawberries in sugar yolks

    • Dessert of the day

    • Ice cream

      Ice cream

      27,00 zł

      3 scoops to choose from: vanilla, raspberry, pistachio, grapefruit sorbet

Opening hours:

every day from 12 p.m.

until the last guest leaves.

(we don't close earlier than 12 a.m.)

Różana is open all year round

Except Christmas Eve (24th of December )
and New Years’ Eve (31st of December).

Restauracja Polska Różana

Chocimska 7 Street

00-791 Warsaw


T 22 848 12 25

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